New Way of Finding Services You Need

iBuddy is the newest and most popular app that allows you to find the service you need in an easy and hassle-free way. You can easily find service providers from plumbing, aircond, cleaning, daycare, electric, moving, renovation, and more.

Instead of searching and browsing through thousands of service providers on traditional yellowpage or newspaper, with iBuddy, you simply submit your request of what you need with few clicks, and in few minutes, service providers will contact you directly via our app, and you can select the one you feel comfortable with, in terms of price or service rating. Hence, you save time and effort using iBuddy app.

Just download the app and you can get started right away!

1. Submit a Job

You can submit a job request in a minute, by telling us what your need to fix using our App, for example, my toilet is leaking. If you don't feel like typing, you can also record a voice message. Yes it's that easy. No more browsing through thousands of providers in yellow page!

2. Select a Provider

Once your job request is submitted, all related service providers will login to their App and offer you the service you need. You can compare their prices, read about their service rating, and select the one you feel comfortable with.

3. Get the Job Done!

Once provider is selected, you and the provider can communicate via the App or phone, to schedule a time to visit your place to get the job done. Once the job is complete, you can pay directly to the provider. That's all, fast and simple!

Traditional Way

Call each provider to find out the price

Have to search through list of providers
Calling back and forth
Don't know anything about the providers
Risk of paying for higher price for bad service
Very time consuming!

iBuddy Way

Providers will send quotes to your phone

Take a minute to submit your job request
Wait for providers to send you quotes
Can read about reviews and past jobs
Just compare and select one
Save time and money!

Popular Services

House Cleaning

Aircond Service

Plumbing Repair

Electric and Wiring

Moving and Storage

Home Renovation

Auto Repair

Pest Control

More Services

House Cleaning
Plumber Service
Aircond Service
Lighting & Wiring
Security & CCTV
Interior Design
Pest Control
Moving & Storage
Laundary Service
Computer & Phone
Auto Repair
Door & Lock
Carpet Cleaning
Sofa Cleaning
Car Wash
Cabinet & Furniture
House Painting
Wedding Service
Beauty & Salon
Fitness Training
IT Service
Daycare & Childcare
Printing Service
Music Lessons
Tennis Training
Dancing Lessons
Swimming Lessons
Tyres & Wheels
Auto Cushion
Auto Accessories
Home Repair
Building Maintenance
Hot Water

Why iBuddy?

Easy To Use

Just download iBuddy App and register with your phone number. Submit a job by telling us what service you need and we will send you service providers to choose.

Safe Time and Money

You don't have to search and call each service provider and ask for a quote. Instead, service providers will approach you with their quotes.

Read The Reviews

Read the reviews of each service provider, learn about their past jobs, and feel confident and choose the right one.

Choose The Best Time

Work with service provider and schedule a time when you are free.

Get The Job Done

Service provider will come to your home on time and get the job done!

Write Your Own Review

Give whatever feedback you have about your experience, submit your review anonymousely.

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